Capital Merchant Advance

No business can function on promise, potential, goodwill or ideas. The execution of a business’ goals and intention is heavily dependent on the availability of capital. Capital that would also ensure continuous cash flow. This is especially so for start-ups and micro, small and medium-scale industries who usually do not, on their own, are unable to gather the capital themselves or even crowdfund from friends and family. If you are a business owner but do not have the credit rating, collateral, or cash flow to satisfy the requirement of a loan in a bank and other financial institutions, there is no need to despair as merchant capital advance companies are here to ease the burden.
We are ready to help you grow, achieve your dreams with minimal worry about capital. At Capital Merchant Advances, we understand that cash is vital for any business to remain a going concern. It is the heartbeat of the business as you have to make regular payments in the form of salaries, utility bills and to suppliers. 

What We Do

We help you by giving you an alternative source of sourcing for merchant capital funding for your business. We understand that you lack the credit rating and are willing to accept you. We do not place too much emphasis on your credit score, even if it falls as low as 500. 

In addition to this, we have a high approval rate. We only refuse credit in extreme situations which are themselves rare enough so far. I am sure this sounds good o you. This does not mean an absence of checks but our hoops are not hard to overcome, they are so designed.
At Capital Merchant Advances, the whole process is fast and easy. It starts with a quick and simple application on our website, which is reviewed and approved within minutes of your application. After this, there is a wait that would not exceed 48 hours before the credit is made available to you.
You may wonder: what about the return policy? This is tailored to ease your worries. The repayment is structured in line with the income and state of your business. Repayment is tailored to your business so far. It is simple and hassle-free.
When applying to for a Merchant Cash Advance Loan , you enjoy the above-mentioned and more and we do not hold much stock by your business’ poor credit rating nor if you have been designated “high risk”.

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